Image7 Oct 2009

Ading has established a new joint company in R.Iran

Ading has established a new joint company in R.Iran with Iran partners. The name of the firm is ADING SHIMI PARS with its main office in Teheran. For director is appointed the graduated civil engineer Goran Jovanovski.- with 10 year length of service as director of technical, sales& RND Department.

A main project is in the process of performance for new factory which will be built in the industrial area of Teheran at location of which the production hall is with surface of 1200 m2 and administrative section with laboratory 2x330 m2.

The cost of production factory complex is around 1.500.000 €.
The number of employees will be: 15 in production and 10 in the central office in Teheran.

The production unit output is 80.000t annually of which approximately 90% are intended for production of concrete admixtures, and 10% for production of powder and paste products.

In the first year is anticipated sale from 7.000 to 10.000 t.
At the moment in this market are sold: silicone impregnation (Fasil-V), decorative facade materials (Adingfas-Z and Hidrofas-Z), waterproofing (Hidromal-fleks and Adingfleks).

The factory is anticipated to be put into operation at the end of 2010.