Image16 Aug 2013

Donation from Ading for the construction of a “Tent” – a present for the city of Skopje

On the occasion of 50 years from the catastrophic earthquake in Skopje, a “Tent” sculpture is promoted in the space between ”Kermes” and the Zoo, a present from the architects to the City of Skopje. 
Ading assisted in this project by donating concrete, including its transport and placement. 
Sergej Nikoljski and Milan Mijalkovikj are the Authors of the sculpture.

The tent is a symbolic object. It awakens various feelings and associations that emerge depending on the context of its surroundings. Positioned in wild nature, the tent becomes a symbol of freedom. More recently, the object offers a different image. The tent became a metaphor for incarceration and powerlessness. Before the stock exchange and banking centers, these trivial constructions, these temporary dwellings of the Occupy movement created a system – critical space. All of a sudden, the tent created a place for strong protest against the structures of power, reflecting at the same time from a feeling of helplessness. Necessary habitats offer the first help wherever catastrophes take away the roof over the head.

The tent as an object is a gift symbolizing togetherness and unity, but also a kind of promise and commitment to further presents.