Image30 Nov 2009

Teheran fair, R.Iran

From 16-19 November.2009 at the capital city of R.Iran ,Teheran was held fair for new building technologies ”Techno Build 2009”.The business system Ading represented by its subsidiary firm Ading Chimi Pars, took part with its exhibition space of 54 m2. Here have been mainly presented products from waterproofing groupHidromal fleks and Adingfleks, than Hidrofas-Z and Adingfas-Z as part of products group Decorative coatings and mortarsFasil-VAntikorozin-BB, and other wide production program. Besides the great interest in Ading products and a great number of achieved business contacts, Ading has acquired with an recognition by the organizer for the best performed and organized stand, creation by Biroproekt team-member of business system ADING.

For photos about the event, click here