Image6 May 2022


The ‘19th Symposium of the Association of Civil Engineers in Macedonia (DGKM 2022)’ was held In the period from 27th to 30th April 2022 in Ohrid under the motto ‘Eurocodes - Gateway to Europe’. The following topics were presented at the symposium:

Theoretical and experimental analysis of structures;

  • Modern methods for projecting structures;

  • Modern techniques for construction;

  • Monitoring the condition and behavior of the structures;

  • Maintenance, rehabilitation, strengthening and reconstruction of buildings;

  • Reliability and durability of structures;

  • Modern materials and technologies, a prerequisite for sustainable development;

  • Infrastructure facilities.

ADING is a traditional supporter of this event and within the symposium there were three presentations, two of which were devoted to the presentation of scientific papers on the topics:

"Properties of self-leveling concrete with flying ash" presented by Ivica Stoilovski, Head of Central Laboratory - Ading.

"Assessment of condition, analysis, sizing and measures for rehabilitation of an existing reinforced concrete aqueduct in accordance with Eurocodes" presented by Hristijan Grujoski, Independent Engineer for technical application and sale in Ading.

You can access both papers in the ‘Publications’ section of our website. The third presentation was related to the current topic of global warming and the need to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Titled "Global Trends in the Cement Industry to Reduce Atmospheric CO2 Emissions", it was presented by Nikola Uzunov, Leading Technical Application and Sales Manager.