Image28 Jan 2014

ADING provides support to the project "Entrepreneurship – Future of Students”

In cooperation with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and the Students’ Parliament at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, ADING joined the project “Entrepreneurship – Future of Students”, which would provide for a better cooperation between the business sector and the students.

The 50students who were selected would be able to attend the trainings to be organized by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and the Students' Parliament, in cooperation with lecturers from the business sector and the banks, on topics that would facilitate the students' adjustment to the labour market demands.

The second phase of the project entails mentorship in the duration of three weeks, which shall be carried out in ADING, too, and which shall enable the students to get acquainted with the business environment and learn how the companies operate and acquire skills developing their entrepreneurial spirit.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the Economic Chamber for inviting ADING to take part in this project – an invitation that we have accepted gladly. ADING is a company that deals with the production and trade of construction materials in Macedonia and abroad. The company has been here for a long time, in the current year we are celebrating the 45th jubilee of its existence, and we hope that once again we will be able to share our knowledge and experience with the students participating in this project.” - Aleksandra Petrovska, graduate in architectural engineering, stated in her address to the audience.