Image21 Oct 2009

40 years ADING

This year Ading celebrates its anniversary 40 years of its foundation. The official celebration was held on October.14.2009 at hotel Belvi, Ohrid, within 13 th –International symposium of Macedonian Association of structural engineers (MASE). The celebration was held together with Faculty of civil engineering from Skopje which celebrates its anniversary 60 years of foundation. We were honored with the presence of great number of guests-representatives of famous companies and institutions from Macedonia, and also important partners and associates from eminent companies from Southeast Europe and Asia.
The following authorities turned to guests:
- President of MASE-Mr Tome Trombev
- Dean of faculty of civil engineering-Prof d-r Petar Cvetanovski
- General manager and president of managing board of Ading AD Skopje, Mr.Blagoja Doncev

For more information look at the photos here: