Image29 Feb 2024


The 14. international conference “SPHERE 2024: Concrete technology”, organized by Sphere and the regional professional magazine m-Kvadrat, was held on February 21-22 in Hotel Hills, Sarajevo. Co-organizers of the conference were the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy – University Mostar, University Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering – Sarajevo, Institute GIT Tuzla, IGH Institute Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering – Banja Luka, International University Burch, Technical Faculty – University Bihac.

Ading was present as a friend and supporter of the Conference, and together with our collaborators E Plast from BaH, we presented our products and their application, as well as the trends and the news. The goal of the organizers was to bring the profession and science at one place and enable cooperation and opportunity of exchanging experiences and knowledge. During these two days, a total of 17 thematic lectures were held where experts spoke about specific technologies.

At the conference, the regulations and standards of concrete technology were presented, as well experiences in the construction process, scientific and technological achievements in the production and application of materials for making concrete, opportunities for improvement, and application conditions. The purpose of the discussion was to exchange knowledge and experience from various fields of engineering and open the possibility of establishing international cooperation.