Image23 Nov 2015

Certificate of Accreditation of the Central Laboratory Ading (CLA)

On 16.09.2015, the Central Laboratory Ading (CLA) acquired the Certificate of Accreditation No.LT-055. This Certificate attests that the laboratory meets the requirements of the standard МКС EN ISO/IEC17025:2006.

Central Laboratory Ading is a laboratory accredited for 20 methods of testing in the field of cement, aggregate, concrete and mortar for masonry. The accreditation is conducted by the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia, signatory of the EA MLA Agreement which is a Multilateral Agreement for mutual recognition of the accreditation system equivalence (EA MLA) with the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA). This verifies the validity of the testing results issued by CLA, whereby, it is authorised to perform services from the aforementioned fields and for external parties.

It took two years to achieve all of this, and during that period the laboratory worked intensively on the implementation of the system prescribed in the standard МКС EN ISO/IEC17025:2006. In parallel with the implementation of the system, investments were made in several aspects, namely: building a new laboratory, purchase of new equipment aimed at meeting the requirements of the standards of testing, as well as training and education of staff. In this manner, adequate laboratory working conditions were ensured and an expert team was formed with high knowledge of the implemented system and trained technically for impeccable implementation of the procedures in accordance with the standards of testing.

All of this enables the Central Laboratory Ading (CLA) to offer quality and timely services.