Image14 Jul 2022


Today, Ading hosted students from several universities from Europe: Spain, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and Serbia. The students are participants of the Summer Academic Course (SAC), organized by the Board of European Students in Technology (BEST-Skopje), which, in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Skopje, organized lectures in the field of sustainability in construction.

For that purpose, an expert presentation was held by engineer Nikola Uzunov, Leading Manager for Technical Application and Sales in Ading. The presentation included:

First part: Getting to know the Ading company, the production program, export destinations, laboratory...

Second part: Presentation of Ading products through the analysis of reference objects – Additives, protective materials, renovation, floors, sports-tennis courts, facades...

Third part: New technologies and products intended for the cement industry in order to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

The students also visited the Central Laboratory of Ading, where the manager, engineer Ivica Stoilovski, presented the concept of work of CLA, with an explanation on concrete as a material. A trial with a concrete mix and testing of concrete properties was also done in order to see the difference between concretes with and without superplasticizer. In the end, an example of compressive strength testing of a concrete cube was shown.